House Clearance

To make our house clearance service in Horsham, the UK, and throughout Europe as quick and simple as possible, we’ve come up with some hint and tips. We recommend you be aware of the following when you call:

  1. Are you organised? The more organised you are, the easier it is for us to give you an accurate estimate of the work we’ll need to carry out. Colour-coding is a great way to do this.
  2. Think about the work at hand – are you able to explain the clearance over the phone? This is especially important if you’re not going to be supervising the task.
  3. Can you provide a detailed description of the number of bags that need removing, or the specific items you want to get rid of? This will help us form an accurate quote for you.
House Clearance

To keep things as simple as possible we have one standard price structure. This is a guide to help estimate the cost of your clearance.


Single Item

Two person team
100kg max weight

Single ItemFrom £45 + VAT


1/4 Load

Two person team
250kg max weight

x-small loadFrom £100 + VAT


1/2 Load

Two person team
500kg max weight

small loadFrom £150 + VAT


3/4 Load

Two person team
750kg max weight

medium loadFrom £200 + VAT