European Removals

Our European Removals van service offers a tailored moving solution that is perfectly adapted to your removal needs.

Here’s how it works: First you contact us so we can send you a quote. Once you’ve decided to move forward with us we’ll arrange a day to collect your things, which can then be taken direct to your new home. If in Spain this usually takes three days or your property can be stored until your desired delivery date. Once onsite at your premises we will unload as required and unwrap furniture.

We currently carry out weekly UK removals, European removals, and courier deliveries with trips throughout:

England, Wales, Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Ireland, France, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Switzerland, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Holland, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rome, Italy, and many more European destinations.

So contact Palm Transport for an all-inclusive quote for the best European removals to or from the UK. We will help make your move within Europe problem free, smooth, and even fun!

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